About the Author

Chez Rafter

Chez is working on a series of books to educate young children about the dangers litter has to our animals and environment. These books bring a message of positive learning through misadventure and the playful characters that save the day.

The Rubbish Rebellion

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Otto the Otter's

Muddy Puddle

Otto the Otter is in trouble,
from the trash left by tourists who are less than subtle.
To save his home he needs some muscle.
Can Otto rescue his friends and together clean up this muddy puddle?


The Unhappy Snapper

Yapper the snapper wants to play
but all his friends are sick today,
from all the pollution and waste in the waves.

Join Yapper on his heroic adventures
to save the day.

The Forest Fairies

Magical fairies inside the forest

How many can you see?

They’ve joined ‘The Rubbish Rebellion’

To keep the forests litter-free