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Chez Rafter

Chez is working on a series of books to educate young children about the dangers litter has to our animals and environment. These books bring a message of positive learning through misadventure and the playful characters that save the day.

The Rubbish Rebellion

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Otto the Otter's

Muddy Puddle

Otto the Otter is in trouble.
His pond is a mess and a muddle
From the trash of tourists who are less than subtle.
To save his home he needs some muscle.
Can Otto rescue his friends and together clean up this muddy puddle?


The Unhappy Snapper

Yapper the snapper wants to play,
But all his friends are sick today
From the pollution in the ocean and waste in the waves.
To have some fun, first he must rescue his friends in mayday / along the way.
Join Yapper on his heroic adventures to save the day.

what people say

Rave Reviews

I bought this book to read to my grandson for Christmas. Another book in The Rubbish Rebellion series. Yapper the Unhappy Snapper teaches young children about how litter affects marine life in the ocean and with wonderful illustrations this story takes you on a journey as he saves his friends. A must read for all parents, grandparents and teachers. Highly engaging and educational.

Gary Simmons

This book (part of the rubbish rebellion series) showcases wonderful illustrations and funny verse to capture the attention of young children. Yapper the Snapper teaches young readers about litter in the ocean and swims off to save his friends that need help. I would recommend this book to parents, grandparents and teachers to help educate about this global problem. Fantastic!


Loved this book, a win for the environment, funny and engaging. Loved the illustrations and with more books to come in “The Rubbish Rebellion” can’t wait!


I think every Grandparent hopes to teach their Grandkids something worthwhile in their lifetime & I’m no exception. I feel it’s so important to teach our young ones how crucial it is to respect our declining planet by refusing plastic where possible, recycling what we can’t refuse and by not littering. And with that in mind I recently ordered these books for them which arrived yesterday. With this subject close to my heart it’s going to be great fun reading these two gorgeous books to them & opening up discussions on ways we can help our ocean friends by not littering & by caring for the environment in general. It’s so Important to teach our littlest people the fundamentals of taking care of our planet. These books are not only fun, rhyming, informative and beautifully illustrated but the author is an Aussie who works tirelessly to clean up the waterways in her local area & I’m always happy to support fellow Australians when I can. So thank you very much @chezrafter. I already can’t wait for your next book in the #TheRubbishRebellion series #YapperTheUnhappySnapper #OttoTheOttersMuddyPuddle

Sandi Evans

I read it (an adult)
Otto the Otter’s Muddy Puddle
The story of Otto immediately grabbed my attention as it has a quirky title and colourful illustrations. Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down as I was curious to know what Otto found in the puddle. When Otto finds so much litter and realises all the animals are being threatened he goes on an adventure to save the animals. Coming from an education background I could immediately see the potential this book has as an invaluable resource for teaching young people about the world’s litter problem. The author has created an easy to read, fun book about a serious problem. I am really looking forward to the next book in The Rubbish Rebellion series.




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Palm Beach, Gold Coast
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