Litter Picking


Most mornings my day starts with a kayak litter pick in Palm Beach canals and Tallebudgera Creek.

The litter I collect consists of plastic bags, food wrappers, bottles, styrofoam, balls, rope and fishing line, these appear to be most common. Follow me on Instagram to see my daily litter pics.

Removing rubbish from the waterways leaves me with the satisfaction that I am contributing to easing the threat posed on our marine life.

Misplaced rubbish is pollution and this has a huge impact on wildlife and human health. We must all contribute and preserve our most precious aquatic ecosystems, this is now a global issue. Every little litter pick helps, even if it’s one piece a day!

If you see rubbish, and if you can, please pick it up. Doing this will reward you with the knowledge that you are helping the future of our planet. Since December 2018 I have collected over 240 dog balls, which I have cleaned and re-homed with the animal shelter. Every dog 🐶and cat 🐱loves a ball 🥎🏀⚾



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