It was 22/02/2020, a date I will remember.  My morning started with a kayaking litter-pick haul at Tallebudgera Creek, which always leaves me content knowing that I’ve made a dent in removing plastic pollution from the Gold Coast waterways.

Then after lunch, I continued writing my next children’s book eagerly jotting down notes with whimsical humour. Then later that afternoon, as I descended the stairs at home, I fell and fractured my femur (a broken thighbone), which required surgery using a plate and 12 screws.  2020-03-31

Why am I telling you this?

Not for the negativity but for the positivity of life’s lessons and how we deal with certain situations. Everyone suffers some form of adversity in their lives, and I know firsthand since contracting Polio at the young age of 2 years how my own setbacks have given me the inner strength to push through my challenging moments.

Coronavirus has shattered our world, killing over 800,000 people and changed the way we live. We no longer have the freedoms that we once took for granted and what we’re seeing is people rediscovering the old virtues of prudence, thrift, doing it yourself. During all this, I remained housebound (my own self-isolation), keeping myself busy with daily physiotherapy and learning to walk again. With my positive attitude and never failing to try, I have made a steadfast recovery, have been back kayaking and litter-picking since May, and finally recommenced writing children’s books.

Perhaps you have had setbacks yourself this year? How have you managed to cope?

I wish everyone a happy, safe, and healthy life, and don’t hesitate to send me a message anytime.


Chez Rafter




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