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Otto the Otter review

 Saving our planet July 19, 2019

This inspiring rhyming book features an adorable enviornmenally conscious otter who is on a mission to rescue his litter-laden world. His pond is filled with trash and rubble caused by reckless, uncaring humans.

“Full of bottle tops, flip-flops,
paddle pops and tabletops,
lollipops, soda pops,
and even a toy triceratops!”

Oh my! Otto is disgusted with the litter that keeps growing in his pond and realizes his friends need help too. Otto morphs into a superhero fighting the cause of pollution in his pond.

He rescues a crusty shelled clam, a bristled nose rat, a wiry old snake, a whistling duck, a warty coot newt, and a fingernail snail, just to name a few. With determination and a lot of hard work he transforms his precious pond back to its natural state. Hurray for Otto and his brave efforts to meet the crisis head-on! He thoughtfully and methodically collects the rogue trash and drops it into a human garbage can where it belonged in the first place. Great plan Otto! It’s a winning strategy.

The book teaches children the importance of conserving their planet and the creatures that live here. It is book number 2 in the Rubbish Rebellion Series. The illustrations are so well executed and beautiful. They enrich the storyline greatly and resemble an animated cartoon. Kudos to the artist… she nailed it. I wish she had been acknowledged on the cover along with the author. She so deserves recognition for her wonderful work. The book’s message is a call to action encouraging kids ( and adults ) to be good stewards of their world.