Sandi Evans

I think every Grandparent hopes to teach their Grandkids something worthwhile in their lifetime & I’m no exception. I feel it’s so important to teach our young ones how crucial it is to respect our declining planet by refusing plastic where possible, recycling what we can’t refuse and by not littering. And with that in mind I recently ordered these books for them which arrived yesterday. With this subject close to my heart it’s going to be great fun reading these two gorgeous books to them & opening up discussions on ways we can help our ocean friends by not littering & by caring for the environment in general. It’s so Important to teach our littlest people the fundamentals of taking care of our planet. These books are not only fun, rhyming, informative and beautifully illustrated but the author is an Aussie who works tirelessly to clean up the waterways in her local area & I’m always happy to support fellow Australians when I can. So thank you very much @chezrafter. I already can’t wait for your next book in the #TheRubbishRebellion series #YapperTheUnhappySnapper #OttoTheOttersMuddyPuddle