the Forest Fairies review

16 days ago
Reviewed by Amy Raines for Readers’ Favorite

The Forest Fairies: The Rubbish Rebellion is written by Chez Rafter and illustrated by Daniela Frongia. The Forest Fairies have formed a large team called The Rubbish Rebellion to clean the forest of all the garbage people leave behind. The fairies flit from here to there, trying to keep the forest clean and clear so that the wildlife won’t get hurt and people can continue to enjoy the purity of nature for years to come. How are the fairies supposed to keep things clean when humans are nearby? The humans’ campfire is out of control, so how will the fairies save the forest before it becomes a huge disaster? Is there anything humans can do to prevent this unnecessary devastation to the forest?

The Forest Fairies: The Rubbish Rebellion by Chez Rafter is an adorable children’s story full of valuable information about the importance of cleaning up after yourself when you visit nature. The forest fairies are very interesting characters that work extremely hard to keep the forest free of clutter and dangerous objects. I love the illustrations by Daniela Frongia with their exciting images that appeal to a child’s imagination as well as visually enhance the story. The lessons Rafter wound into the story about keeping the forest clean and safe are put into words that any child can easily understand and learn from. I recommend The Forest Fairies: The Rubbish Rebellion to anyone with children that like to read. I hope that the author has more educational stories like this full of adventures with the forest fairies.