Yapper the unhapper snapper review

Review #1: Review by Erin Nicole Cochran

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Erin Nicole Cochran

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Reviewed By Erin Nicole Cochran for Readers’ Favorite

Yapper the Unhappy Snapper: The Rubbish Rebellion Book 1 by Chez Rafter is a children’s book designed to educate youngsters about the dangers that can stem from littering. This book specifically centers around Yapper who is a snapper fish and is in the mood to play with his friends but discovers that they are all sick or trapped. He makes it his mission to rescue those he finds along the way and to clean up the garbage that he discovers. The narration is a happy rhyme scheme that is infectious. It has a tone that while informative also creates a story that is vivid. While being educational, it still has a coherent narrative and isn’t a steady stream of preaching.

Chez Rafter’s Yapper the Unhappy Snapper is a children’s book that speaks of the world that we live in and have been living in for some time now, the era of pollution by our own hands. The illustrations by Daniela Frongia are bright and will be sure to keep a child’s attention as the pages turn. I really gravitated to Yapper the Unhappy Snapper because I feel that it is important for children to learn about serious matters so that they can be more aware of the world around them. They should become interested and somewhat invested in helping the planet for future generations. With a great message and delightful characters, this book is a game-changer and a world saver.