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The idea of ‘The Rubbish Rebellion’ appeared like an epiphany.

When I first started kayaking for fitness on the Gold Coast, I noticed a lot of rubbish in our waterways. I immediately started litter picking the canals and creeks, only to notice more litter the next day. When I found a dead bird tangled in a fishing line, I felt helpless, and I knew that I must do something.

With that in mind, I decided to teach kids about ocean plastic pollution, and The Rubbish Rebellion kids book series came to life. ‘Yapper the Unhappy Snapper’ (the first book in my series) brings awareness to young readers about the dangers of what litter can do to marine life in the ocean. Then came Otto the Otters, Muddy Puddle, then The Forest Fairies.

Children are never too young to enjoy the magic of storytime, and early education about these global issues is the key to the future of our planet.

My children’s books target Grade level P-K  with catchy verse and bright illustrations by Daniela Frongia.




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